Alpaca wool Peruvian alpaca wool from the Andes


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Alpaca wool is considered as soft as cashmere and lighter than sheep?s wool, and is fine and strong. Alpacas come in 22 basic colors, including white, black, brown, grey, tan, and cream. The finest part of alpaca fleece is found on their back and sides. They are sheered much like sheep and the fiber is combed, carded, and after a basic cleaning process is ready to spin. Two types of alpaca and therefore two fiber types exist: the more common huacaya, which have a dense, crimped and wooly fiber, and the rarer suri, which have long, separate locks with a high luster that hang much like the fur of afghan hounds. The price for adult fleece is USD $8.00 - USD $16.00 per ounce, depending. The price of baby alpaca fleece is USD $16.00 - USD $24.00 per ounce.