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High quality wholesale alpaca products clothing, sweaters and accessories. wholesale alpaca Peruvian apparel suppliers. Shipping Worldwide

We are open to make business with small and big clients. If you have any proposition please contact us, we are very interested to deal with you.

If you want to receive our wholesale catalogo please contact us at: info@shop-peruhandicraft.com

Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Minimum Order:

Minimum order is currently USD $600.00 before shipping costs. Orders for less than USD $600.00 are accepted like retail customers.

Methods of Payment

We accept payments by bank transfer, Credit Cards, Paypal and Western Union. The credit card fee is 5% of the total of your order. For small orders of value less than USD $5,000, we accept only full payment as it minimizes the bank charges.

Part Payment in Advance

For larger orders, we can take 50% value in advance. Balance payment is payable against delivery of documents through your bank.

Letter of Credit

For bulk order, we can accept irrevocable Letter of Credit opened from Prime Bank with goods consigned to Bank.

Shipping Time

We deliver your order in about 1- 4 weeks. The amount of time that it takes for your order to reach its destination depends on two factors. One is the type of products you have ordered and another is our products are handmade and not all are stored in warehouses in mass quantities.

What are our shipping methods?

Orders shipments by DHL.

We ship orders by less weight than 50.00 kilograms (110.00 Pounds) by DHL.

Packages send by DHL

Delivery time: 2 to 5 business days.

Trackable and insured. Saturday delivery

We always recommend DHL.

Air Cargo

We use this service to send orders that they weigh more of 50 kilograms. For orders who weigh 30 kilograms or less we recomend you the use of UPS. If we send an order by air cargo the products arrives to destiny in 2 at 5 business days.

Our wholesale customers who use this service have to pay USD $30.00 by custom agency and USD $25.00 by the Certificate of Origin. (It is obligatory in this service or your goods will be returned to Peru by the custom of your country).

For big quantities we suggest Sea freight.

Sample Order:

If you are a new customer, we recommend you purchase a sample pack to see the quality of our products. If you want we can prepare a sample package especially for you with products of your election. We deliver the sample packs door to door in 8 to 10 business days Approx.

If you want you can make your own sample order with the products that you want to see. In that case send us an email where you tell us the products that want to receive.

Here are some options on how to send your orders to us:

1). Let us do the work for you (a preferred method for your convenience!).

All you need to do is to e-mail us the list of your order. We will put them in an invoice and e-mail it back to you for your approval. Please include both the product number and a brief description of your order.

2). If you prefer to send your order in MS Excel, that will also work as well. Either sends it as an attachment to us.

3). If you prefer to send your order in MS Word, that will also work as well. Either sends it as an attachment to us.

After we receive your pre order we will send you by email the price of your order with the estimation of shipping price.

For more information fell free to contact us at anytime.

Why Peruhandicraft - shop-peruhandicraft.com?

We are in the business since 1999.

We offert the best alpaca products.

In the years of 2010 and 2011 UPS gave us two consecutive awards. The awards to the company who made more shipments from Peru to the world and we want to continue growing with our customers.

We can put your labels like we make for another customers. If you want we can prepare you a sample pack with products that you want. We also can prepare you products that you want that we do not have in our store. We also can handle prices depending of the size of the order.

Why is Alpaca fiber valuable?

Alpaca fiber is classified as a rare specialty fiber. It is five times warmer than sheep wool fiber and more luxurious than cashmere. There are more than 22 natural colors of alpaca fleece. An infinite array of natural colors can be produced by blending these fibers. Alpaca fiber can also be easily worked. Alpaca fiber is strong and resilient and has more thermal capacity than almost any other animal fiber. The fiber actually contains microscopic air pockets that contribute to the creation of lightweight apparel with very high insulation value. Alpaca fiber does not itch as wool often does because it does not contain lanolin and has a smooth cell structure.

In physical structure, alpaca fiber is somewhat akin to hair, being very glossy, but its softness and fineness enable the spinner to produce satisfactory yarn with comparative ease. Good quality alpaca fiber is approximately 18-25 in diameter. Finer fleeces, ones with a smaller diameter, are preferred, and thus are more expensive.

General Informations

Business Name: Peruhandicraft by Cristian Backus

Web Store Name: www.shop-peruhandicraft.com

Telephone: +51-1- 986618443

E-mail: info@shop-peruhandicraft.com

Address: Avenida Almirante Grau 631 - 302 A, La Punta - Callao, Callao 05, Peru

By Phone: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Time